how to get baby to sleep in crib

Tips On How To Get Baby To Sleep In Crib Fast And Easily

If you're a first-time mom, it can be a challenge to let your baby sleep through the night. Knowing how to get baby sleep in crib will be favorable for both you and your baby.

The first nights can be tough but don’t fret; no mom becomes an instant expert. Follow this guide and you’ll get the hang of it sooner than you know.

What You Need

High-Quality Crib

You should carefully choose a crib that is comfortable, safe, and convenient.

Crib Mattress

The best crib mattress should have the best combination of comfort and safety. Make your choice and purchase for a mattress which is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and breathable.

Bed Humidifier

A bed humidifier will aid in breathing and avoid the drying effects of your furnace during winter. Besides, it helps to provide deeper and better sleep for your baby.

What To Do

Make The Nursery Conducive For Your Baby Sleep

how to get baby to sleep in crib

Assemble the crib and put on the mattress. Don't put anything in the crib which may compromise the safety of your baby or distract him/her from sleeping.

 You can place toys in the crib during the day. Make sure to remove them before napping or sleeping time or your baby keeps playing with the toys instead of sleeping.

Remember to turn on the room humidifier. This machine is especially useful for babies having stuffy nose. It helps them to be more breathable. Moreover, the white noise of a humidifier can calm one baby down and lull him/her to sleep easily.

​Gradually Introduce The Crib As A Place For Sleeping

how to get your baby to sleep in crib

​Do not immediately place your child in the crib for night time sleeping. Gently let your little one get comfortable with the crib by allowing him/her to nap in it during the day.

​Daytime naps will allow your child to be familiar with the crib. Once your baby get used to it, there will be less anxiety when it's time for him/her to start sleeping in the crib during the night time.

However, if you baby takes a nap in the crib without fuss, perhaps you can try to put him/her sleep there during the night. Remember to stay with your baby until he/she falls asleep. They may cry out loud since babies startle easily and can't feel mothers by their side. 

Some babies adjust well while others have a difficulty adapting to the change. Some will immediately sleep comfortably after a few minutes of fussing while some may develop crib anxiety. In case of that, you may need to prolong the transition until your baby is ready. You can move the crib to your room to lessen your baby’s anxiety

​Make Your Baby Physically Comfortable

How to make your baby physically comfortable? Here are some useful tips that can help all mothers with this.​

how to get baby to sleep in crib
  • Give a light snack. The ideal amount of food for a light snack of the baby sleep is 2-3 oz of formula or breast milk. For 6-month old babies, you can add in 1-2 Tbsp of cereal. You should consider that too much food may disturb your baby sleep. Feeding the right amount will keep him/her comfortable enough to sleep a little longer before waking up.
  • Change the diaper. A wet diaper will delay or interrupt your child’s sleep.What mothers should do is to choose a diaper that is absorbent and will last for the whole night. Remember to purchase one kind that gives enough comfort for your baby.
  • Baby's skin is sensitive so you should choose a breathable and soft fabric so your baby won't making any fuss when sleeping time comes.

Create A Winding Down Habit

how to get baby to sleep in crib

Winding down habits will give clues to your baby that it's almost bedtime. Here is how you should do it.

Firstly, turn off all gadgets and noises an hour before bedtime. Then you can massage your baby, read a bedtime story, or sing a song. Choose an activity that you both enjoy but remember to observe whether the activity invigorates your baby or not. If it does, pick another one.

The secret to the success of a winding down habit is consistency. Do it every night even if there are no favorable results yet.

Just try to put your baby to sleep at the same time every night. Get back on track immediately in cases when your routine gets broken. Inconsistency will send mixed signals to your tot and will delay a smooth transition.


Getting your baby to sleep in a crib is not a walk in the park. There will be nights of fussing and resistance. Once you have successfully done it, the benefits are all worth it.

​Consistency, patience, and creativity are all important aspects in the phase of a motherhood journey. If you don’t succeed at first, keep trying! Use the guide above to make the transition easier.

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March 9, 2018

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