About Us

Hi guys,

Welcome to this about page of Mom Discuss – where you and I together we will share the knowledge and experiences about baby care and also help new parents to have a useful and interesting place to learn things about baby and the best method to take care of them.

There is nothing can be more beautiful in the world than the love of parents and obviously that all parents want the best for their kids, this is the reason why I was, am, and will continue to keep this site work for longer time to share my experiences and knowledge about this field to the people who are interesting in.

As you all know that, the pregnancy period is about 9 months, plus the time or your kids to grow and able to take of themselves, it can be nearly 20 years.  It means that there are a lot of things and problems can happen in this long time and not all of parents know the right methods to solve the problems and help you to take care of your kids in the easiest condition.

In order to help all of you guys can follow and save time of finding needed information, I will device my posts into different group as the growing period of  baby. For example, in the pregnancy period, there are a lot of things that mom has to take care about from the daily diet for the whole pregnancy period, which is absolutely strict and a lot of rule on it, and we also can not forget about other stuff for the infant baby. All of these things have to be prepared months before the mom give birth such as the milk powder for the baby, diaper, clothes, and the most important is the knowledge about the baby and the advices to raise a perfect one

On this site – Mom Discuss, you can find anything you need about baby from buying stuff to different method of looking care of a baby. Taking care of a baby have a lot of problems such as the menu and recipe for the daily meals, choosing necessary and suitable stuff, methods and theories to prevent sickness, and of course the methods to build and rise good characteristics for your kids. All of these methods are based on my experiences, research, and tested results during the whole time I looked after my kids and with the real example, I hope that you can enjoy the posts and information here. Thanks a lot!