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Various Tips To Stimulate Your Newborn Baby’s Senses

It is a known fact that from the moment your baby starts to form in the womb, its work on the senses begins. It is quite a cool thing because when you sit and imagine how it is possible, it seems like a very unique creation.

Many new moms and moms to be are quite intrigued with such facts and knowing amazing baby facts from different sources. Baby stimulation is a very interesting topic and most parents love to read about it. Below mentioned is an overview on the stimulation topic.

Interesting Facts

There are some interesting facts associated with baby stimulation. To begin with, it is said that a fetus will develop its first ever touch sensitivity by the eight week. And, when it enters fifteenth week, the human fetus starts to develop taste buds and saves the flavor of amniotic fluid.

In addition to this, when the baby enters the 25th week, it is able to hear your voice as well of the people around you. Last, in the 27th week, the fetus is able to identify the mother’s voice.


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Just as how you plan the right hair care for your newborn baby, you should place the same effort towards choosing fun activities that you can opt for baby. You can introduce some cool activities to enhance your baby’s senses.

Mothers who opt for pre-natal classes, they are introduced to the concept of fun activities and its connection with stimulation. It is quite fun if you understand it completely and incorporate it in your baby’s lifestyle. As stated earlier, stimulation and senses start to develop from the womb and you are just enhancing it.

To help you understand the concept better, here are some fun ways to help stimulate baby’s senses.

Sense of Touch

Prenatal Stimulation

During this stage, you can start by stroking the belly, especially when the baby starts to kick and nudge. You can incorporate this as part of your routine, do it daily at nights to help soothe the baby.

You along with your family members should interact with the baby by stroking the baby, chances of them remembering these interactions post birth are high.

Post Birth

You could start by gently massaging the face and limbs. In addition to this, in the second month, you can start by using pressure on some specific points.

Through the following months, you can introduce your baby to different temperature of water, i.e. hot, cold and warm. You could introduce them to safe toys on an activity mat or a baby jumper ensuring they would not swallow orwould not hurt themselves using it.

Stimulate Your Newborn Baby’s Senses

Sense of Hearing

Prenatal Stimulation

Babies are exposed to sounds even when they are in the womb even with the amniotic fluid filled in it. They hear the mother’s heartbeat, blood whooshing sound and the digestive gurgling etc. so, when you talk to your baby, they get used to the sound of your voice too.

You could read stories and simultaneously soothe the belly, also ask the father to speak to the baby. All this plays an instrumental role in baby stimulation process.

Post Birth

As it has been witnessed through the years, lullabies, soft humming is also a baby’s favorite sound. It helps them go deep into soft and somber sleep.

If you are using any object to generate a sound, your baby will notice it and would wish to know about the object making the sound. Encourage such behaviors and at times, they would like to opt for repetitive sounds, as it would become their favorite sounds.

Sense of Taste and Smell

Prenatal Stimulation

Mothers are expected to maintain a healthy diet as it influences the taste and smell senses of the baby too. The fetus swallows more of the amniotic fluid in different taste categories so that they are prepared to consume the first feed via breastfeeding.

Post Birth

Do not bombard your baby with strong flavors and smells. Rather, induce subtle flavors first so that they can get grip of both taste and smell. Besides this, when they start using these senses, they try to combine all the other senses in a combination. And don’t worry too much seeing your baby sleep while breastfeeding. It is common since the baby sleeps all the time.

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Sense of Sight

Prenatal Stimulation

This is the last sense to develop, do not opt for flashing artificial light onto the womb directly. In addition to this, make sure you present the child to natural light so that they get the necessary stimulation. They only manage to see shades of black, white and grey, because proper color vision comes in only 2 months post birth.

Post Birth

Initially do not expose your baby to harsh lights. With passing time, introduce them to games like peek a boo, allow them to make happy and sad faces, you could imitate it to them. Besides this, you could also incorporate block games with different colors.


Sense start to develop before birth too, right from the womb. You can enhance it by including some very useful activities and avoid what is harmful. Above mentioned is a good understanding on senses development and related stimulation.

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