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Tips For New Mom For Relieving Your Baby’s Gas

When a mother gives birth, she must consider the necessary points to provide the best baby care. It is of course the responsibility of both the parents because the baby is going to take a while to adapt with the changes be it in terms of changing weather conditions or different kinds of food intake. While you introduce your baby to food, chances of gas is a common scenario. Given that gas causes immense discomfort to adults alone, the case could be worse for babies. So, for babies you need extra care and this space helps you with all the necessary tips for baby gas.

Common Condition

Gas is a common condition among babies as well as newborns. When he/she can’t relieve gas, the baby could be said a constipated newborn.Given that every mother has to face such situations, you need to get an idea of food that you should avoid breast-feeding. Specialists suggest that gas can come in through first time breast milk and even baby formula. The components in milk are such that it can lead to digestion problems. You should also note that such condition might differ from one baby to another.

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Understanding the Gas Problem

Many factors that can lead to this problem and you would manage healing the condition only when you understand what causes it. Below mentioned is a quick overview on different causes, symptoms and remedies related to such condition. As stated earlier, you can treat the condition only when you understand it better.


When you feed your baby, it may engulf air bubbles due to breastfeeding suction. Besides this, a gassy baby due to maternal diet, when the mother consumes food that may lead to gas, it transfers to the baby through breast-feeding. Hence, it is vital for the mother to eat healthy nutritious food, try avoiding legumes, dairy products, and some citrus products tend to cause gas as well.


Speaking of symptoms, babies between 3 to 6 months are definitely prone to gas related problems. The symptoms range from sleeping problems, extensive crying, irritability, fussiness and all this without any evident reasons. The one common thing to notice is that such symptoms manifest post feeding. In addition to this, there could be abdominal bloating, frequent gas passing and distended stomach.


Firstly, the mother should include a healthy and proper feeding habit. It should be done appropriately at the right hour so that the baby is incorporated in a healthy routine. Below mentioned are some healthy and useful remedies to get rid of baby gas. You can design a medicine cabinet and place some medicines, be it doctor prescribed or home based medicines in it so that you have it ready to use whenever you need it. The internet is filled with information on tips for baby medicine cabinet.



It is vital for the baby to burp after the feed. You can pat the baby’s back after the feed. Do it for a period of 3 to 5 minutes so that it helps in proper digestion of food and reduces chances of gas accumulation.

Bottle Feed

If you opt for bottle feed, you should note that the nipple size should be accurate. If the nipple size is large enough and the flow of milk is too fast then the baby is consuming more than the required quantity of milk and that is not a healthy habit. Rather, be certain of the milk flow first and if required change the nipple.

Tummy Routine

When you think your baby is having a gas problem then you can opt for some healthy routines like tummy rubbing. Besides this, you could also opt for a gentle massage on the tummy using some oil. Post this; you could lay the baby on his or her tummy for some time so that it would help relieve the gas bubbles.


With baby care, you need to understand what is healthy for your baby and what is not. You should monitor healthy baby care routines, be prepared to cater to situations like gas problems and by incorporating some healthy and harmless routines, you can give your baby the desired relief. If you are opting for any medicine, be it allopathy or herbal; make sure you consult your doctor before using it because you need to be certain of the quantity or dosage.

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