tips for caring your premature baby

Tips For Caring Your Premature Baby

Mostly post child delivery many parents might get anxious regarding the proper care of their newborn baby. With the right ways for caring and handling your baby the process gets much simpler for the parents and is also beneficial for the premature infant.

In different ways, caring for your premature baby at home might not be much different from how life was imagined with new baby. On your free time you can play and cuddle with him and see your baby respond to daily things such as the smell of flower, sunlight, a breeze, etc.

So in case of premature babies, the responsibilities of parents would also increase. It is because he is born before the gestation period gets over and therefore, the baby might not be as healthy as a full term baby.

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Tips to take care of your premature baby

Holding your baby

Before anything else the first thing that you must properly know well is the right way to hold your infant. The baby’s head is delicate and would need support when awake or sleeping. Keep your hand behind the baby’s head and you need to lift it gently. You need to rest your hips and other hand on the back.

When you’re picking up your baby through this way the whole body weight of your baby would get balanced at your hands. This way of holding babies is known as containment and is the safest way for handling your premature baby. The same method can be used for laying him down on bed and bathing.

Putting your baby to sleep

So your little infant is resting in the home, but you’ve found out that he didn’t sleep as much as you thought at night at your absence! With a few measures your baby develops great “sleep hygiene” after doing things like providing a quiet and dimly lit room and a suitable baby pillow during night time.

In early months, however, there’s only much that can be done, as infants surely get hungry. Also the smaller your infant, the more often you’ll need to feed them. Developing a safety sleep for infant and rest of the family would be a long term project.

Right feeding techniques

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Even though it is highly satisfying for the mother to breastfeed the infant, this technique is not opted every time for premature birth babies. Premature babies might be too weak for sucking or might become tired while doing. Doctors would suggest mothers to express milk in a bottle and later feed, when their babies are not able to suck by themselves. You can also feed your baby through the bottle or through spoon. Sometimes, for premature babies, tube feeding can also be done.

Although for mothers it might appear like a tough job, knowing the right technique would eliminate all kinds of feeding issues.Through these measures your premature baby gets adequate nourishment and his health quickly gets improved so mothers should always know how to make breastmilk fattier to feed the babe nutritiously. Your doctor can determine the feeding schedule and you can follow that accordingly.

Bathing your premature baby

How many times you’re washing your little infant would mainly depend on how premature your baby is and his skin condition. For most babies – whether term or premature – plain water would do well for their life’s first few months.

Firstly, place a bathtub full of lukewarm water on the ground (before washing your baby you must test it). Your baby must be inside the tub and his head must be supported with a hand. You can rinse gently with warm water or gradually apply the soap. Let your baby relax while washing his hair and wiping his face.

The water must not be poured randomly. You should perform everything with single hand while you hold your baby with other hand. Wrap a soft towel around your baby’s body and let him completely dry up.

For the mothers it’s normal to face a little bit of difficulty at initial level, but once they’re getting in the process, the process would be overwhelming. So, scheduling your newborn’s first checkup and taking care of your baby would benefit him in a number of ways.

March 22, 2016

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