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At MomDiscuss.Com we are all about helping moms become the best for their children. We do this by sharing information and tips on various topics from pregnancy to baby care. But apart from this we also run an annual scholarship. This is also a way of helping mom’s see their children through school.

​The Scholarship

​Our scholarship is annual, and we have been running it for some time now. Every year we award one $1,000 scholarship to the successful student. Since our passion is about helping mom's during their pregnancy and when caring for their children our award also goes to someone with the same passion and can demonstrate it in an essay.

​How To Participate In The Program

​It is easy to participate in our scholarship because all you need to do is write an article. For you to qualify for consideration for the MomDiscuss.Com scholarship you need to write an essay on the Topic “Building Stronger Parent-Child Relationship”.

​We are not looking for any particular information, and so you are free to express your ideas provided they remain on the topic. Also, it is important to make sure that you do not just address the topic but also provide valuable information that can help our readers.

​Your essay or article should be at least 1,000 words but also not longer than 2,000 words.


​Our annual scholarship is open to all students. If you are a high school student, are in university, trade school or college you are eligible to apply. However, it is important to note that parental or guardian consent is still necessary for those that are under the legal age.

​How We Judge Submissions

​Once we receive all the applications, we have first read all the essays. When picking the best, there are several things that we have to consider.

First and most important is the quality of the article in both information and writing. And so it is important to ensure that you make your piece as interesting as possible and full of valuable information for the reader.

Also, we consider other things like grammar and spelling and so it is important for the student to proofread their work before submission. The winner will be the student with the best story and with the least errors if any.

​Submitting Your Application

​After writing and proofreading your article the next step is the submission. But, before you sent it we require that you include your personal information such as name and contact details. We also need you to include the name of your institution and address.

​When making your submission, we will also require you to send the document in PDF format. You should then forward it to our email which is

​Application Deadline and Announcement Of Winner

​The deadline for submitting your application for the MomDiscuss.Com scholarship is October 30th of every year (the current deadline is Oct 30th, 2018). We will then review all the articles and notify the winning student on November 15th. We will inform the winner via email. It is important also to note that we do not give the cash to the students but instead we send it to the Financial Aid Office of their school.

Regina Dinges

Regina is a Founder of, a blog dedicated to providing many useful tips and guides for all parents or to-be-parents on pregnancy stages and baby care.

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