PharMeDoc Total Body Pregnancy Pillow Review

PharMeDoc Total Body Pregnancy Pillow
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PharMeDoc total body pregnancy pillow is a C-Shaped pillow to avoid restless nights and aches. It supports the whole body and gives you a proper support for your neck and back. The size of the pillow is 60 inches in length, 24 inches wide and about 7 inches in diameter. This particular pregnancy total body pillow designed by PharMeDoc helps the pregnant women to have a sound and peaceful sleep. You can use this pillow while travelling or working on a computer as it provides an adequate amount of comfort from head to toe. It is an ideal product for those working on their pains caused by various disorders, accidents, injuries and surgeries.

PharMeDoc Total Body Pregnancy Pillow


Pregnancy is the start of a new chapter in a woman’s life. It is a beautiful journey that brings joy, happiness to, the would-be mother. But this journey is not without ordeals and hardships. Along with the unavoidable discomfort, which is a part of this enchanting journey, a mother needs to equip herself for the pregnancy. I was having sleepless nights during my pregnancy than my husband gifted me this solution on a very special day. I always used to complain him that I am not able to sleep properly these days.

I tried numerous products but nothing actually worked better than this PharMeDoc total body pregnancy pillow. I thank my hubby from the bottom of my heart for gifting me such an amazing product. I really loved this product and use it every day. And after using this product I feel so happy relaxed. I figured out the feedback of this PharMeDoc total body pregnancy pillow to its purchase. Pointless to say that the feedback was excellent, so I thought of trying it. I am super glad that I DID try it!! It is a wonderful product, particularly during pregnancy.

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1. Product Specification

PharMeDoc Total Body Pregnancy Pillow


This PharMeDoc total body pregnancy pillow is made of foam material that is free from latex; lead; Phthalate and BPA. The item weight around 7 pounds and the dimensions are 60 inches x 7 inches x 24 inches. The item model number is PMD-MBP-60-24-7-WHT. The item is manufactured in the United States.

2. Trusted Brand

PharMeDoc is a high-quality, most trusted brand in wide range of health, personal care and baby care products. The company offers today body comfort pregnancy pillows for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant mothers with an aim to give consumers highest quality standards. The brand offers 100% product satisfaction guarantee so that consumers may buy with confidence.

3. C-Shaped Unique Design for Ultimate Comfort

The C-Shaped design of this amazing full body comfort pillow alleviates pain and discomfort occurring due to injuries, disorders and surgeries. It is a perfect solution for those undergoing surgical, cervical or nursing recovery. It also relieves patients from joint and back aches. It is an ideal pillow for those expectant mothers who are experiencing pregnancy for the first time. It not only comfort the first-timers, but even the women enjoying pregnancy again can take advantage of the benefits of this pillow.

4. Total Relaxation Coverage

This PharMeDoc total body pregnancy pillow offers full support to your spine and stomach. This innovative C-Shaped pregnancy pillow is an ultimate product for pregnant women. With the help of this pillow, you will not suffer from bad sleep. PharMeDoc total body pregnancy pillow is designed to give you extra comfort. It offers full body support while sleeping, which ensures that your deep sleep is maintained throughout the nighttime, overall, eliminating sleeping disorders including body aches and stressful headaches.

5. Supreme Quality

PharMeDoc total body pregnancy pillow is designed with high-quality fabric to avoid dust and fungus and give a breathable environment to the would-be-mother. The outcome was so nice and comfortable that you will continue this product for long and you might also recommend your friends to use it without any hesitation. The cover of this PharMeDoc total body pillow is made of 100% cotton material.

6. Durability and Elasticity

If you cannot sleep at one position then you need a pillow that is flexible and mouldable during the sleep. Therefore, this PharMeDoc total body pregnancy pillow is huge, long lasting and highly elastic to avoid discomfort. The material is soft and cosy so that the would-be-mother can feel the luxury and ease while sleeping.

Pros & Cons


  • It supports the belly: During the pregnancy period, the size of abdomen increases day by day. And with the increase in size and weight, the women suffers from back aches and neck problems. This pillow is intended in a manner to provide utmost comfort decrease the pressure on muscles. It helps the pregnant women to sleep comfortable without any trouble.
  • Precludes allergies: the fabrics used while making these pillows are hypo allergic polyfills that stops skin diseases, sensitivities and breathing difficulties.
  • Rouses soothing sleep: These PharMeDoc total pregnancy pillows are designed in a way to give maximum support to the back and neck during sleep. There are numerous sizes and shapes are available in the market. You can pick according to your body shape and size.
  • Multi-purpose usage: Not only in pregnancy, these pillows can be used during breastfeeding also. Some pregnant lady finds it very comfortable to use it during and after the pregnancy.
  • Affordable pricing: Various website online offers this PharMeDoc total body pillow at affordable prices that most individuals across the nation and worldwide can purchase. The pricing range between $54.99 and $65.99, depending on which website you are opting for. This product is also available in-stores nationwide.


  • Limited comfortability: This pillow gives full support only to the head. And your whole body feels uncomfortable while sleeping, which can increase the pain in other parts of the body. You may have to take additional pillows to support your back and sides.
  • Huge in size: These pregnancy pillows are so huge that it covers the half of your bed. Your husband might feel uncomfortable while sleeping with you on the same bed.


In today’s fast moving and hustle-bustle of life, a mother-to-be, require an additional touch of comfort for her and her baby’s health. The whole journey of motherhood should be cherished and choosing the proper PharMeDoc total body pregnancy pillow is the best way to relish the joy and happiness during your most special days of life. If you wish to know or buy such products, then you need to visit various online stores to get the apt product that you are looking for. Always remember never to compromise for the quality and choose a quality pillow to feel good and wonderful.

March 25, 2016

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