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Are Mattress Pads Safe For Cribs?

Many parents do not understand what a mattress pad is. To clear this, a mattress pad refers to that pad that is placed on top of the mattress to prevent the mattress from getting damaged, make it more comfortable while using and ensure it remains dry at all times.

It resembles a blanket and helps to prevent accidents though slipping in the babies’ beds.

There have been endless arguments on how safe a pad is, but there has never been a 100% assurance of its safety. The conclusion is that it can be safe or unsafe. The most important thing is to be careful about how you attend to the baby to ensure safety.

mattress pads

What Are Mattress Pads Made Of?

Mattress pads are made of different materials, and these are

Organic Cotton

This is a form of cotton material whereby no herbicides or pesticides are used when it’s being grown. It’s used entirely for those items that do not need contact with chemical-related materials and a pad being one of if has significant advantages when used. However, it is an expensive material while buying because they are grown in high intensive care.

Bamboo fiber

Bamboo is very soft at being used as an alternative to cotton. Much as it shrinks while being processed, its results are outstanding because of the antibacterial properties that it contains.


Polyester happens to be another excellent product that manufactures pads, and it’s very durable and baby friendly. It did not form wrinkles like cotton and recommended due to its texture.

To consider the mattress safe for cribs, there are points that you should follow to ensure that your baby is safe when using them.

Things To Consider When Using The Mattress Pad

Here below are some of the points that will rule to the advantage of the safety of the mattress pads for cribs

  1. Ensure that the mattress fits the crib well such that when you put the mattress pad on it, it will be fastened well to avoid it from getting unfastened should the baby roll over when sleeping. You can devise some straps to secure it to the crib, and this will ensure it remains tightly fastened to the bed.
  2. Confirm that it does move around the mattress as it can easily cause suffocation which may even lead to death. Avoid using a mattress pad on newborns. They can not be able to know how to save themselves in case of an eventuality such that they have rolled over and unable to breathe, they may suffocate easily if the mattress pad is spread on the crib
  3. For safety, keep on checking how your baby is sleeping, and in case the sleeping posture is wanting, change him and ensure he sleeps comfortably. Should you notice that the mattress pad is not comfortable with the baby, remove it from the crib and do not wait for a time when things get worse.

Besides you can enhance the safety of your baby by installing cameras such that you can watch him sleep even when you are lying away from him. This will help the back and forth trips of making to the baby’s room and ensure that safety measures are taken.


When preparing for the birth of a newborn, moms can be overwhelmed by the nature of advice they receive all over. However, the result lies with the mom and its uptown you to know if you buy a particular product, what effect it will have on your baby.

When properly used, mattress pads will help a mom from buying more mattresses since the pad acts as a mattress protector. Thus saving costs on the extra purchase you would make without the pad.

June 16, 2018

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