Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow Review

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, White
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Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is an innovative pillow that is available for making the sleep of people more ease and sound. Its washable and removable cover makes it easy to keep it clean and fresh anytime you use. The support it provides to the back, hips and tummy help to reduce back problems and the pitfalls of pregnancy can be condensed too as it gives essential to hold up to the tummy. It also goes between your knees to control temperature. Its flexibility is easy to know because of its shape. Its patent is a proof of its individuality. It is one beautiful product for sleeping, relaxing and resting.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, White

Via https://www.amazon.com/

Who does not like to have a soft spongy cuddly surrounding when they sleep? If you are one such person for who one pillow is just not enough then the trouble of keeping more pillows around you increases. And managing and arranging them every time you sleep becomes a tiresome and a boring job. What if all the pillows are replaced by one single pillow? Isn’t that amazing?

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow is just perfect for you as your requirement of having more pillows can easily be substituted with just one total body pillow. How wonderful it is that six pillows can easily be replaced by just one total body pillow. It is uniquely designed by keeping human’s comfort in mind while they sleep. You might be wondering how much reliable it is and would it be durable enough for a long run. It is designed in such a way that it provides natural contour from head to the toe.

How will it look in your room, how easy it will be to keep in your cupboard and u such queries might be bothering you which will absolutely be solved once you read the below review. The attracting features and benefits will definitely appeal you to have one for yourself to add more to your comfortable sound sleep.

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Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, White

Via https://www.amazon.com/

1. Unique

This unique product is specially designed to give more comfort during your sleep. The c-shaped design gives support to back, neck, hips and tummy for complete support. This unique characteristic helps you to sleep more soundly. Its unique feature of providing comfort and support is favorable for all age group people and all target population, which makes the scope of its market wide.

2. Total body pillow

It serves the purpose of multiple pillows and so it is called as a total body pillow. It is one huge pillow, which does the work of several pillows when kept and used together. This is useful to reduce the complexity of keeping and managing many pillows together when required.

3. Removable cover

The cover of the pillow is easily removable and can be washed to clean it. If it becomes dirty then the problem of cleaning does not arise as it is removable and washable which helps the user to keep the total body pillow always clean and hygiene. This feature adds to the hygiene of the people, as it is washable.

4. Weight

The weight of the product is 5.8 pounds, which is not too heavy. It is light weighted and can be easily lifted from one room to another. Due to its less weight, it even works as a small movable couch because its size is of the total body that helps the user to accommodate him all over on it.

The lightweight of the pillow is beneficial even when need to make more sleeping arrangements during the arrival of guests.

5. Versatility

It is very flexible and can easily be molded however required by the user. It is versatile and can be used in various ways. The Snoogle can be curled to use it as a back support while watching TV or reading a book. Even the legs can find support when the Snoogle is laid flat. In order to provide support to the upper body, one can wrap it completely around the body.

6. Patent

The design was uniquely invented by a registered nurse and a lady who did a great deed by producing something which is beneficial to not only pregnant women but to ever individual belonging to any age group. This Snoogle’s patent helps it to stand out uniquely with a monopoly in the market and does attract customers easily.

Pros & Cons

No product or service comes with only benefits or plus points. It does hold some loopholes and a few negative aspects as well. You’ll be aware of them while reading further.


  • Easy to adjust: Its flexibility and adaptability makes it easy to adjust for the user as well as for the total body pillow. The pillow's c-shaped design makes it simple to fold it and take anywhere and wherever you want. It can easily be accommodated in a cupboard or can be kept as a couch in the living room. Once you wrap yourself around it, your knees find a comfortable place between them and so does your back.
  • Beneficial for pregnant women: Its unique feature of providing support to back, hips and tummy is all that a pregnant lady needs. A support can easily be provided to the belly, which gives it a sort of comfort that is necessary. Total body pillow just adds up to the restful sleep essential throughout the pregnancy period. It helps to breathe properly and also reduces heartburn.
  • Relieves back pain: If the neck and the spine remain in his neutral position then the back pain can be reduced and total body pain exactly does that. It neutralizes the position relieving the user from the back pain. The issues of the sore back can be declined by the use of total body pillow.


  • Unreliable for small children: Children below the age of 2 and 2 should not be left alone with the total body pillow alone without any elder person’s presence. The pillow might curl up around them creating unnecessary pressure on their body which might awake fear in the child’s mind.


Sound sleep is the basic need every man wants after a long tiring day and Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow not only provides the necessary comfort but also adds to the support and comfort making the sleep sounder. Snoogle is useful in every possible manner a pillow can be used. Its unique features make it more approachable for everyone. After reading the review, all your doubts must have been solved and your dilemmas must be cleared.

You must have definitely made your decision to bring this wonderful total body pillow that gives support from head to toe at your house as the number of pros it has outnumbered its number of cons. Do grab it soon as it will only make your life and sleep more relaxed.

March 11, 2016

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