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Kangaroo Care Method For New Mom

Through this article you will get to know about the most unique methods of newborn baby care with is the Kangaroo care method. This method of child care is specifically prescribed for babies that are born prematurely due to the varied advantages that are provided. What are the benefit and its proponents is what you’ll look through the different sections that’ll follow.

Why Kangaroo Care?

A newborn is basically helpless and he has to inculcate and develop the skills which are needed for survival which would include different kinds of exercises such as acclimatizing and breathing to unprotected atmosphere which is outside the womb. At this stage every newborn baby has to learn to adapt and survive through the stage.

kangaroo care

The challenges would be much greater for premature babies than babies who aren’t premature, as their systems aren’t developed enough to survive by their own. For premature babies extra level of care might be needed. So too meet these needs the Kangaroo method has been developed as it is known to provide some of the most unique benefits for the survival of a premature and weak baby. The method is largely focused upon the healing power of skin to skin contact between the child and the mother and also the benefits that are provided through this way.

Now we’ll discuss more about the details on the method’s particulars and will learn to know how exactly it can work. Kangaroo care method is among the right tips for new born skin care.

The Kangaroo care method would not only provide help in the early child care stages but also provides a great base for development of your child. The following paragraphs let us know about the process in more details.

The Method’s History

At first the Kangaroo mother care method was found in 1978 in Columbia for minimizing the mortality rates of premature babies because of the lack of proper health and technical facilities. There were not enough technical support and incubators for the infants, and neither there were enough care takers available for the same. At that time the Kangaroo care formula for newborns came to existence, which basically involved providing the newborn baby with all the needed support through skin to skin contact with parents.

As suggested by the name, the method was mainly inspired through the way of baby care used by a kangaroo. A kangaroo carries the baby in its pouch and hence it has a constant contact between the child and the parent and skin to skin care is provided for. The factor lends various benefits that aren’t limited to merely the physical aspects, but extend for including a number of psychological aspects too.

How you can Kangaroo your baby?

kangaroo care

Basically here the baby gets held continuously with skin to skin contact as close to 24 hours a day as possible with mother. This gets accomplished through placing your baby in Kangaroo position, a strictly upright position and stomach down (prone) on the mother’s bare chest. If the need arises technology can also get added.

Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended. The mother might recline in a chair with blanket which gets draped over the chest or she might stand upright if wrap or sling is available there.

Requirements for KMC

  • A mother working with father too
  • A supportive environment
  • Optionally you can have a carry cloth or a stretchy baby wrap
  • You can use a reclining chair if you are also using a blanket

Who Can Practice Kangaroo Mother Care?

  • Kangaroo mother care can be practiced by Preterm or babies with low birth weight admitted to a special baby care unit or neonatal intensive care unit while medically stabilized. This can be practiced even if your infant is incubated.
  • Well and full term babies
  • Babies who are now separated for different reasons from their mothers for helping in maternal attachment
  • Babies and mothers who wish to continue with milk supply and establish breastfeeding.

With Kangaroo mother care your baby gets a more intimate form of care and protection so that the process of rest, natural healing and growth occurs simply. Although this form of care was basically meant for using with low birth weight or caring your premature baby, Kangaroo mother care remains great for all types of babies. The infants constantly remain in contact with their mothers and her warmth, protection and love are all basic need for the baby’s survival and wellbeing.

March 16, 2016

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