Change Your Perception by Knowing Amazing Baby Facts

Are you prepared to fill in the shoes of a new parent? If yes, then think again because in most cases there is always a sense of discovering something new and interesting about babies and baby care while living through the experience. Yes, many books, friends and family play a part in preparing you for parenthood but there are amazing baby facts mentioned below for your reference. You will have to look into just about everything associated with baby care, even if it is selecting right high chair for newborn.

Why Know About the Baby Facts


There is nothing wrong in knowing about some of the baby facts because it only makes you an aware person and enhances your experiences. Sometimes, it is a fun way to deal with the baby care procedures. So, here are some of the fun, amazing baby facts that you might or might not have known earlier.

Changing Diapers

A couple of studies stated that men are far quicker at changing diapers than women. Though they are occasionally men working with best cloth diapers but if they are quicker than women, they should do it more often. After all, a woman would not mind an extra set of hands, especially in the diaper-changing department.

Hairy Babies

Not many know that many babies are born hairy and this subsides slowly in the first couple of mothers. In addition to this, when the fetus goes onto being about 4 months, a thin mustache is grown and that spreads onto the entire body. This is called a lanugo, and it falls off just before birth and if the unborn swallows it, then it might affect their first poop.

Female Babies

Some complications are associated with female babies only. When they experience any side effects of maternal hormones in the uterus, it sheds the outer lining of the uterus walls and this makes them experience a mini-period after delivery. Though this does not lead to any further complications but most doctors address this to the parent to keep them informed.

Dealing with Weather Conditions

newborn first checkup

Not all newborns have ability to regulate their body with the changed temperature. For instance, when we shiver when feeling cold or sweat when feeling hot, they are unable to do so. In fact, with sweating too, their sweat glands support them only to a 25-30% extent. So, for parents who think their newborns are tough cookies and let them wear any kind of clothing, do not expect the baby to tell you how they feel, rather you keep them covered up well in accordance with the weather conditions.

Smell Sense

Newborns are very good at using their sense of smell so much that they can identify their mother by her smell even when they are a week old. A couple of studies have been conducted in this area, where not just the babies proved to show good results, the mothers were also in a position to identify who their baby was by means of their scent.

Eye Sight

A couple of studies have stated that the eyes of a baby are about 75% of their adult size. This means, they can only focus those objects that are placed within the range of 8-14 inches. However, the vision does improve by the time they head into their sixth month.


When they are born, they do not really come with a bony kneecap. They have what most people know it as a cartilaginous structure and it does not develop until they enter the sixth month. This is why most parents are asked to be very careful in handling their babies until the sixth month, and even with massage therapy, it should be done appropriately. Many parents call in an expert for massage instead of them doing it, which is a good idea too.


For first time parents, handling a newborn is a task. Surely, they prepare themselves well with the many books and advice rolling in from all corners but when it comes to managing it alone, the real task begins there. There are tips for just about everything associated with the baby, even if you are looking for tips for baby medicine cabinet, you have enough literature associated with it on the internet. But, take in the information wisely, and be open to new experiences. Above-mentioned facts can be of great help to you.

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