Breastfeeding And Pumping At The Same Time

Tips On Breastfeeding And Pumping At The Same Time

If you are a mom or soon-to-be one, breastfeeding is one of the things that you always think about day and night. With all the campaigns done by various organizations that aim at encouraging moms to breastfeed exclusively for the first few months, most moms will not have any doubts about the need to do it.

But, the problem comes in when you also need to go back to work after the few weeks of maternity leave. And when you get to this point you also need to start thinking about pumping (well, you should start thinking about it long before giving birth) as it is the only way to ensure that your baby gets breast milk even in your absence.

​Since most moms want to continue breastfeeding once they get back from work, many of them will prefer to do both at the same time. While there are opinions out there when it comes to breastfeeding and pumping at the same time, the fact is that there is nothing wrong about this. Perhaps understanding why it is a good idea may convince you why you should also try it.

​Why Should You Breastfeed And Pump At The Same Time?

Increase The Supply

If you spend several minutes trying to pump milk and you still do not get enough of it, you should try doing it when you breastfeed the infant. The body’s internal mechanism that is in charge of milk production will work according to the infant’s milk demands. And so there is always more milk flowing when your kid is suckling. By keeping him on one breast and pumping the other means that you are likely to get more milk for storage.

Also, because the natural sucking motion of your baby triggers the flow of breastmilk, it will take less effort to pump the milk out when nursing. If you pump and breastfeed at the same time, you will not have to keep your breast pump at a high suction power which can be uncomfortable and even painful, because the milk will flow almost effortlessly.

Save Time

The fact that you have to pump milk means that you need go back to work or have other things to do and so you cannot always be available to nurse your little one. Also, time is ever a significant factor for many moms as there are endless things to do at home and so finding even a few minutes to pump out some milk can be hard.

Hence, pumping while breastfeeding can save you a lot of time. You will not have to dedicate different times for nursing and pumping as you can do both concurrently.

Get Fattier Milk For Your Baby

One of the most significant breastfeeding concerns for most mothers is that their babies might not be fed milk with enough fat. Although there are many ways of making your breast milk fattier pumping while the child is nursing is one of the best ones.

By pumping, you can remove the foremilk that has little fat so that the fatty hindmilk might be available for your little one. Also, breastfeeding and pumping at the same time will mean that your child is likely to empty each breast and get to the fatty hindmilk.

Mistakes To Avoid When Breastfeeding And Pumping At Same Time

While it is a good idea to nurse and pump at the same time, many moms tend to make many mistakes when doing this. These blunders not only make it uncomfortable for your but can also affect the amount and quality of milk that your infant will be getting, and they include the following two.

Breastfeeding And Pumping At The Same Time

Failing To Get A Good Latch

Moms that are away all day long will always be eager to pump as much milk for their little one as possible. However, one of the mistakes that many of them will make is pumping before the baby has a proper latch.

And what worsens is that your little one will not get enough milk and it also affects the flow and makes pumping harder for you. Hence, the first step is always to make sure that the baby has a good latch and is nursing efficiently before you attempt to pump simultaneously.

​Sticking To An Uncomfortable Position

In fact, every mom seems to have a preferred breastfeeding position. But, if yours is not comfortable enough you should change it when you intend to breastfeed and pump at the same time.

It is vital to get a relaxed position and enough support for both mom and baby if you want to do the two simultaneously. It takes some trial and error to find a sitting posture that allows you to pump and breastfeed but with breast feeding reading pillows, things should be easy for you.


​You should also consider carefully when intending to take some medicines. For example, is taking alka seltzer plus while breastfeeding harmful or not. As a new mom breastfeeding and pumping at the same time might be the only way to ensures that your baby gets enough milk even when you are away. But, it is not as easy as it might sound and it takes some practice to perfect it. However, the benefits that you get make it worth the effort. And once you master it you will never have to worry about pumping enough milk for your little one.

February 8, 2018

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