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Top 4 Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump Reviews

As a new mother, your infant is always your top priority as you want to give him the best start in life possible. Although there are various things that you can do to achieve this, nutrition is always one of the key ones. And breastfeeding is the best way to ensures that your little one gets essential nutrients that he needs to grow and keep diseases in check.

However, it will not always be possible to breastfeed your infant as and when you need to. But, you can still ensure that he gets enough breast milk even in your absence just by pumping and refrigerating it. With a hospital grade breast pump, you are able to express all the milk that your little one needs when you are away. And this, in turn, means that you can travel, return to work or even just run your routine errands without worrying about your kid’s nutrition.

All hospital grade breast pumps are not the same, and so you should not just buy or rent. As a mother, you need to make sure that you only get the best for your infant's milk supply. And for this to be so, you should first understand what these breast pumps are all about and the vital points to consider when shopping for one.

What Is A Hospital Grade Breast Pump?

Most moms know they need to get the best hospital grade breast pumps and also understand why they are better than most other types. However, many of them do not know what these breast pumps are all about or what sets them apart from the many different breast pump types.

There is no hard or specific definition of the hospital grade breast pump because some organizations like FDA do not approve the term. And what this means is that, there is nothing that regulates or prevents the use of the phrase by any breast pump manufacturer. But, according to most medical professionals, a hospital grade breast pump is one that uses an accessory kit that moms can purchase separately to make it possible for the pump to be used by multiple mothers.

The hospital grade pumps are also likely to pump more milk in one session than most of the other types. And they will be about the size of a car battery and weigh anywhere between 2 and 11 pounds. Also, most of them will have some sensitive controls to allow the mothers to vary the rhythm, intensity, and pressure of the suction to create a pumping session which is very similar to the baby’s natural sucking.

Top 4 Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Should I Buy Or Rent A Hospital Grade Breast Pump?

Now you have decided that the hospital grade breast pump is the best for your needs, but you still need to think about whether to rent or buy. Many moms will find themselves in this dilemma as they will not be sure of what will be the most convenient for them and their babies, and also what is most cost-effective. However, considering some vital factors should guide you in making your own decision.

Firstly, you need to consider what is the affordable and convenient option for you. Although the cost of renting a hospital grade pump will vary from one place to the other, in most cases, you just pay between $25 and $100 every month. Multiply the cost of renting by the number of months you expect to use the pump and then compare the amount you get to the cost of buying the pump and choose what is most economical for you.

Secondly, you also look at as whether you use the pump for latter babies in the future. If it is your first little one and you plan to have others in the future, it is always more economical to buy a pump than renting one. A high-quality hospital grape pump can last for many years, and so it is certainly cheaper to buy than to rent, because you just only need to buy a cheap accessory kit when you get your latter baby.

The last thing that may influence your decision is whether you are sure that you will be pumping milk regularly or not, and if it will work for you. Some moms might find pumping milk uncomfortable and in some rare cases, even painful and unbearable. And so if you are still confused about you will pump milk for long, the best choice would be to rent and see how it goes.

​Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump

When your first baby are born, there will be many things to learn. For the moms that plan to go back to work or will not be with the baby all the time, one of the essential elements is to know how to pick the best hospital grade pump. These long-lasting breast pumps are more efficient, faster and they offer more suction power than most others and because all are not the same, check out the following tips and make your own purchase.

#1. Suction Settings

The suction settings are one of the basic and most important factors to consider when choosing a hospital grade breast pump. And the idea here is to go for something which makes it possible to adjust the settings to create a suction, that is as close to a baby’s natural sucking as possible to make the pumping session more comfortable.

The hospital grade pumps coming with two phases of suction create a more authentic breastfeeding session and it will help you relax and produce more milk within a short time. There are also some convenient hospital grade pumps which make it possible to automate everything from the pumping rhythm to the suction and speed. And so whatever you choose will depend on your budget and preference, but make sure that the suction settings are adjustable.

#2. Power Source

You need to thinks about the source of power for your hospital grade breast pump as it also affects the convenience. And here you can choose between units that require some plug-in and those with a rechargeable battery. If you plan to use the pump at home or in the pumping room at the office, any of the two types can do because it is easy to access power outlets.

However, if you would also want to use your portable hospital grade breast pump when traveling, something with a rechargeable battery will be the best option as you can use it from almost anywhere.

#3. Accessories

A good hospital grade breast pump should come with all the accessories that you need to express milk. If it does not have these vital accessories, it is not ready to use, and you have to spend more money to buy them, which can be very inconvenient. Some of the things you should get are bottles, tubing, nursing pads, collection bags and even some nursing cream.

The more the accessories that you get with your pump, the better it will be since it helps to save your budget. But, also check on their quality and make sure that everything you get is not only durable but also hygienic enough.

4. Price

As much as you might need a hospital grade breast pump, it does not means that it will be okay to spend a fortune on it. Remember that there are many things that your infant still needs and so you should save some cash anywhere possible. Whereas you can get a good hospital grade breast pump for just over $100, many models will retail for well over $1,000.

And so whatever you choose to buy depends on your budget and the features and capabilities of your ideal hospital grade breast pump. The right idea is always to focus more on the quality, efficiency, and performance of the breast pump to ensure you do not compromise on things like comfort and milk safety just to save a few bucks.

5. Carrying Case

​The fact that you are buying the hospital grade breast pump means that you might not always be around the house. And so whatever you choose should not only be portable but should also come with a carrying case to make it easy to carry to the office and when traveling. The carrying case should also be durable and comfortable enough to serve you for the many months when producing breastmilk.

​Top 4 Best Hospital Grade Breast Pump Reviews

Spectra Baby USA-S2 Hospital Grade Electric Breast Pump

The Spectra Baby USA S2 is an affordable electric breast pump that will work well for most moms. And it comes with all the necessary accessories to make it ready to use straight from the box. These accessories include a couple of bottles, backflow protector and four flanges. This hospital grade pump works as both a single and double breast pump to provide quick and efficient pumping.

Spectra Baby USA - S2 Hospital Grade Double/Single Electric Breast Pump


It uses a closed system to eliminate the need to keep cleaning the tubing as it remains dry and for protecting the milk from bacteria, viruses and mold when pumping. But, what most mothers will like is the fact that it is possible to customize the settings to fit a mom’s flow and body’s response. And it also has a 2 phase expression mode to mimic a baby's natural sucking.


  • The pump will come with all the accessories that you need
  • It can work as both a single and double breast pump
  • This breast pump is quite affordable despite being a hospital grade one
  • The closed pumping system eliminates the need to keep cleaning the tubing
  • Mothers can customize the pump’s settings according to their milk flow and body response
  • All the parts and containers that come with the pump are BPA and DEHP free


  • It is not a very portable pump as it requires a power outlet to work
  • The threads on the bottles and breast shields are quite loose, and they can unscrew when pumping
  • Cleaning the parts can be a little hectic before you get used to them

Spectra Baby USA-S1 Hospital Grade Electric Pump

Here is another excellent Spectra hospital grade breast pump that captures the heart of many mothers. It is a very convenient unit that comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that will let you use it from almost anywhere. Also, the battery will last for several pumping sessions on a single charge.

This hospital grade breast pump uses a closed system to prevent milk contamination, and it will come with several accessories that include four flanges, a couple of bottles, a couple of backflow protectors and all the basics that you need.

Spectra Baby USA - S1 Hospital Grade Double/Single Electric Breast Pump


Like most hospital grade breast pumps every mom can customize the settings to suit her body and flow rate. And this is thanks to the adjustable suction settings and the 2-phase cycling (let-down and expression mode). The pump has a maximum suction power of 250mmHg which will be enough for most moms, and you can use it as both a single and double pump.

​This affordable breast pump also includes a night light and timer to make it even more convenient and a quiet operation for use without waking the baby. And the closed system helps to prevent milk contamination.


  • It features a rechargeable battery for portability
  • Also comes with all the accessories that you will need
  • The pump uses a closed system to prevent milk contamination
  • Each mom can customize the settings to make pumping more comfortable
  • It is a lightweight pump for portability
  • Also quite affordable for a hospital grade breast pump
  • This pump can work as both a single or double pump
  • It is an incredibly quiet pump that you can use without waking the baby
  • The night light is also a very convenient feature


  • Some moms complain that the flanges are too big
  • Although it is lightweight, the size might not be convenient to carry around
  • Still not as efficient as the more expensive hospital grade breast pumps

Bellema Euphoria Pro Double Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Bellema is probably not the most famous name in the manufacture of hospital grade breast pumps, but they still have some excellent products. This double breast pump comes with all the features that a mom would want in a breast pump. And they include a patented 3d pump system that will imitate the pulling, squeezing and sucking motion of a baby for more comfortable milk expression.

Bellema Euphoria Pro Double Electric Breast Pump


This hospital grade breast pump comes with a touchscreen that is easy to use and will make controls simple and a built-in rechargeable battery that can keep the machine running for up to 2 hours. It provides a maximum suction power of 250mmHg, and there are nine adjustable suction settings to make it possible to customize the pumping.

The memory feature on this breast pump also remembers your previous settings for quick and convenient pumping sessions, and this is also an FDA approved machine with BPA-free parts. Assembling and cleaning should also be straightforward for most moms.


  • Touch screen provides easy and convenient control
  • The innovative 3d pump will imitate the baby’s natural sucking
  • Highly efficient pump with up to 250mmHg suction power
  • It has an inbuilt battery that will last for up to 2 hours
  • The memory feature will remember your preferred settings for quick and convenient pumping sessions
  • It is an FDA approved breast pump with a BPA-free construction
  • Unique soft silicone cushions will provide some gentle massage and comfortable pumping session
  • The compact and cordless design makes it easy to carry to the office and when traveling
  • You get nine adjustable suction settings with this hospital grade breast pump


  • It is still a relatively new product, and so one cannot be sure of the durability
  • You will not get as many accessories as you would with other high-end and expensive pumps

Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Breast Pump

If moms don't mind spending a couple of thousand dollars on an efficient, high performing and durable hospital grade pump, this one from Medela is an excellent choice. It is one of the best hospital grade breast pumps that you can get in the market. And it features a 2-phase expression technology that mimics a baby’s natural sucking to initiate and maintain a steady milk flow.

Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Breast Pump with Rechargeable Battery


The Medela pump will allow for both single and double pumping, and switching between the two is effortless. It can use either a rechargeable battery or you can connect it to a power outlet which makes it a very convenient breast pump. And you will get all the essential accessories that you need to start pumping, and all you need to do is buy a breast pump kit.


  • The 2-phase expression technology mimics the baby’s natural sucking for comfortable pumping
  • It offers both single and double pumping for convenience
  • There is a let-down button to make it easy to return to the stimulation mode
  • Switching between single and double pumping is as simple as removing or applying the other collection kit
  • It has a specially designed membrane to prevent overflow
  • The long-lasting rechargeable battery makes it suitable for use from anywhere
  • You will get all the accessories that you can ever need when pumping milk


  • This breast pump is quite expensive
  • You will have to buy the breast pump kit and carrying case separately
  • It is quite a weighty breast pump if you compare it with others


​If you plan to resume work a few months or even weeks after childbirth or you think that you will not always be available to breastfeed your infant a hospital grade breast pump is a must-have. With this breast pump, you can ensure that your little one will have enough milk in your absence.

​And since there are many models and brands out there, you need to have enough information when shopping to ensure that you get the right one. Our guide not only highlights the vital things to know when buying one but also reviews some of the top ones to help make your choice easy.

However, it is always important to read reviews by other moms before buying any hospital grade pump for a firsthand account of how it works. Also, it might be a good idea to rent a similar model first before you buy it to determine its efficiency, comfort and just whether you like using it or not

January 14, 2018

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