7 Common Worries Of A New Mom

For most people, accepting change is not very easy, some find it scary while some do not adapt to it easily. Especially when it comes to bringing the unborn into this world, most parents find it difficult to adapt specifically when it is their first time. Given that welcoming a newborn is all about changing your world dramatically, you need to do the right set of things to ensure it does not influence you or your child in a negative manner. There are some common mistakes committed by new parents and i.e. because of the common worries, which are discussed below.


Miscarriage causes, symptoms

Post-partum blues are quote common; it is a mix of mood swings, anxiety, overwhelming feeling that takes place with a huge number of mothers post childbirth. Common mistakes committed by new parents done by most parents, especially mother is that they get into this journey with some very different and unreal set of notions. For some, they think it is the easiest task in the world to give birth, while on the other hand, some mothers take things to an extreme level and make it seem far more complex that what it actually is. All this put together might add onto the post-partum problems after child birth or at least influence it in a negative way.


For new parents, they have their own share of worries and sometimes no amount of research done on parenthood or help from family and friends takes that away. For instance, they stress over the sleeping pattern of their baby, in terms of them sleeping too much or too little. Besides this, when the baby cries, they tend to think of the worst, so all these are common worries.

Moving around with the Baby

When you decide to travel or drive out with your baby, some parents make it a nerve wrecking experience. Anxiety for the first time visit outside is common but over anxiety is not, and if you experience excessive anxiety, it can make things worse because you wouldn’t be confident of your movement and operatives. Therefore, for safe securing, and a pleasant experience, try to keep calm as that will make your baby calm too.

General Taking Care of the Baby


When it comes to care associated with clipping nails, giving bath, taking for circumcision or other related aspects, mother especially tend to be very nervous and start to think of the worst. Sometimes, they don’t manage such tasks alone and expect their moms to be with them or manage the needful. Even, the million books on baby care will not make this an easy experience but the stress around these situations is not healthy. This is why most friends use creative ideas for baby shower to help the mother understand and learn baby caring practices.

Career Related Dilemma

When you opt for motherhood or parenthood in general, you need to understand that decisions related to career become prominent. In fact, you should discuss about career much in prior or at least during pregnancy rather than post-delivery. Regardless of what choice you make, making the decision at the right time makes the difference, so work on it before rather than letting it stay until after pregnancy.


Another common worry that comes along with pregnancy is sex. For some people, sex days are literally over because the entire phase of pregnancy takes a toll on their lives. Though it is not stated anywhere that you cannot indulge in sexual activities while being pregnant but some couples worry about it harming the child or if the female partner will be up for it with all the nausea and stress of pregnancy.

Worry of being a Good Mother/Parent

This is a common worry with most new parents, as they are not accustomed to parenthood and start stressing about how good a parent they might end up becoming. Self-doubts are very common and natural during this phase but when you actually get into the grove of it, you will start gaining some confidence and this will help most mothers become better parents.


Becoming a parent especially for the first time can be a bit overwhelming, more like a mixed bag of emotions. Do not let it get onto you, amidst all this; you will gain a good share of experience and strength to deal with the highs and lows, provided you have an open mind.

February 15, 2016

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